Saturday, 22 August 2015


Another day of small wonders. The leaping fish were there again and then, as we stood watching them, a large green head emerged from the water followed by a green flipper and then a shell. A turtle swimming past us not six feet away.

Later as we sat in the garden I looked over to the bird of paradise flowers and was amazed to see a hummingbird collecting nectar. It was a bright green blue and darted around for a few minutes before disappearing over the wall.

There were goats loose on the road to Folkstone, or at least I thought that they were goats. As it turned out they were actually Barbados blackbelly sheep.

At Folkstone Holly and I went snorkling. I managed to see some large blue fish and plenty of brightly coloured smaller ones before losing my snorkel in the depths of the ocean. I tried to dive down to get it but was far too buoyant. Fortunately Holly, who is rake, managed to get it back for me.

Now I am sitting sipping rum in the last of the sunshine. It's cooler now after a hot blue day. The bats will be out soon and the tree frogs will start to sing. The moon is out already and soon it will be dark. This really is paradise.

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