Thursday, 13 August 2015

Bang the drum...

I'm aware that I may be banging this drum a little too hard, but I'm parking this here as a record of what I'm thinking about the Labour Leadership election. 

Broadly, a drum needs to beat somewhere for 'the people', if only in my long dead political heart. Yes, my heart has been restarted in what I can only describe as an idealistic way after years of languishing in a political wilderness.

The registration has closed and tomorrow we get the ballot papers. Already Jeremy Corbyn's own dogs are out to get him; all of the other candidates, Blair, Campbell, Kinnoch (the list goes on and on) all warning us that he is the Antichrist. Mind you he wants to try Blair for war crimes and rightly so I say.

Whatever, as they say, it's too late now and it will take a miracle to hold Corbyn back, so bring the Antichrist on.

It will be tough for Jezza, but he strikes me as tough and he will make concessions and compromises and gather a good shadow cabinet around him and make a difference I hope. For deputy my vote will go with Tom Watson. He's called by many 'Blair's assassin', well good on him for that and it's just a shame it is only metaphorical. He's a good man who isn't scared of standing up and being counted, he'll also moderate Jeremy's left wing excesses a little I hope

As for the The Labour Party, they should wake up to the opportunity Corbyn presents them with and not keep going on about train crashes and listening to Blair and his failed Blairites. For the first time in years people are rallying to a cause, not simply going along the road of the safest option with 'what choice do I have?' He may be a brilliant Prime Minister or he may not, he could make people happy or even more miserable, he might unravel this bloody awful mess that Thatcher, Blair and now Cameron and his Eton boys have made of this great land of ours or he may sink it further into despair. One things for sure whatever he does he'll do it with belief and it'll be a refreshing change from the plastic politics of the last thirty years.

The game's afoot; Follow your spirit: and upon this charge, Cry — God for Jeremy! England and Saint George!

Or as Wolfy would say, 'Power to the people!'.


  1. Linda Kemp
    Tory policies, insincerity and personal attacks - had enough of them all! Go Jeremy!

    Tim Preston
    I'm scared. The banks won't like this :-S

    Andrew Height
    We will burn them to the ground Tim, print money and give it to the masses!

  2. Mark McNicholas
    Nice one, 'Woolfie ' !!!!!!!!(Tooting Republic? )

    1. Andrew Height
      Well, the revolution is coming Mark. Why would anyone not to be part of it? There will be lemonade flowing in the streets.