Friday, 28 August 2015

Final Friday

So not long left now and we are still finding places we haven't been to before, despite this being our fourth visit to this tiny island. Today it was Moontown, just up from Speightstown, a place I think has the best beaches in the world. 

We wandered along looking at Salvador Dali sculptures on the beach, dead trees really. We saw the bar as we passed it but, as we were out for an explore, decided to pop in on our way back. 

The north west is less tame than further down the west coast, even fiercer in some ways than the east. There are tiny villages made from wooden chattel houses, roaming dogs, abandoned cars, and there seems to be a rum shack on every corner and crossroad.

It seems out of time. The Barbados of the fifties and before and more like the place we came to on that first trip almost thirty years ago.

We were trying to get to Harrison's lighthouse, but the track petered out into scrub before we could reach it, so we had to be content with a distant view. It was so tall and so concrete.

Back at the beach bar in Moontown we had a couple of drinks - beer and rum - and it struck me how aptly named the place was.

It really is another planet.

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