Thursday, 20 August 2015

Day three...

The day started well, with frigate birds hovering over the sea, chasing the fisherman that were looking for tuna in their funny little boat. They swooped and dived, black on the bright blue sky.

We hadn't planned a monkey hunt - but as I got us all lost at the top of the island, we had one anyway. Two green monkeys ran across the road, and waved at us as we drove by.

We were lost for hours, but eventually found Bathsheba with it's fantastic rock forms, on the amazing Atlantic coast. We'd been there before, but it's always as breath taking as it ever was. Fortunately, Holly took over the navigation, and soon we were on the right road to civilisation after almost circumnavigating the entire island. Of course, Gaynor was doing the driving and I was just the poor - and not very good navigator.

We stopped at Holetown fish market to buy a barracuda, caught fresh that morning, the fish monger prepared it for us, and when we got home Gaynor cooked it. It tasted like no other fish has tasted before.

And so, as I drink rum again, listening to the whistle of tree frogs, I look forward to tomorrow and wonder what new experiences it will bring.

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