Thursday, 20 August 2015


My day started with an early morning swim in the Caribbean. Just how many days in my life have started with those words?

Afterwards a moon crab, a Caribbean land crab, decided to put in an appearance in the shower at the end of the garden. He was struggling to get out so I gently lifted him to safety. He didn't thank me though. Instead he backed fiercely away snapping his claws at me - snip, snap, snip. Talk about gratitude.

It was hot (88 degrees farenheight) and humid today. But it didn't stop us trekking up into the hills to the Barbados wildlife reserve. After a quick climb up one of the island signal towers, built to warn the plantation owners of slave uprisings before they got out of hand, it was into the reserve itself.

The place attracts green monkeys, and no they aren't really green, just a greenish brown. They aren't penned in and can come and go as they please, they are fed though and feeding time is a riot. It isn't just about monkeys, the Barbados red legged tortoises, deer, even the odd pigeon join in. It really is a feeding frenzy, the sort that must have taken place on Noah's Ark.

Talking of food we 're having goat curry with rice and beans tonight. Our cook made it for us and it smells delicious. Anyway, adios amigos, as they say around here (not really).

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