Saturday, 15 August 2015

For now...

Ah my father, what a crock he is.

Not content with bullying me and my family until I had to do something about it; he now, after getting his way and ostracising me, begins on someone else he has always disagreed with, my brother in law in Australia.

Of course he is far too clever to be honest about it so makes intimidating remarks that are only intimidating if you know the background. 'For now', really is a threat, that smiley face not a smiley face at all and just his pathetic way of saying 'I am out to get you'. Even the fact that has chosen a smiley face with glasses speaks volumes about him.

What a grey cloud of a person.

Of course he won't admit it and my mother will laugh it off, but bully boy tactics are the name of his game and they always have been. I should know he's been doing it all my life. He has threatened me with the police if I say bad things about him, well you know what? Bring it on, maybe it is time he was outed for what he actually is.

Of course one day he won't be around to dish out his abuse and threats, one day his bullying will stop. On that day not only will I dance a jig of joy I'll also blog the truth about him. The real truth with nothing held back.

So David William Height be happy 'for now' as you might say.

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  1. Of course David William Height, perhaps Kingsley and I are lying about you. Two people each side of the world who you have threatened and bullied because you don't get your own way. Well this time send in the boys in blue (as you call them), after all they are your mates what with you working in the force and all that. Yes send them around so that I can have a long chat with them you grubby man.