Sunday, 30 August 2015

Final full day...

It started raining as we swam in the ocean this morning. A few drops at first then a downpour, cold on our shoulders after the warmth of the sea. We helped each other out of the water and up the beach, careful to move quickly under the Manchineel tree that hangs over the garden; it weeps acid from the leaves when it rains and badly burns you.

The house cat (I call her Lucy) was waiting for us, sheltering in the veranda and wanting her milk and tuna (which is cheaper than cat food here). She has become quite a friend and we will miss her when we leave tomorrow morning. We three sat watching the rain come in from off the sea; it drenched everything, then was gone and the sun came out.

By the time we arrived at The Fish Pot (check out this link) restaurant in Moontown, where I had booked a table for four, it was hot again and the sea was its usual crystal clear blue. The restaurant sits right on the sea and is open to the elements, the staff are gracious, the surroundings unreal and stunning, the restaurant stylish and the food amazing.

We shared a couple of starters - calamari and whitebait - and for mains Gaynor and I shared the fish platter for two - calamari, crab claws, blackened baracuda, marlin, butterfly prawns, scallops and lobster with garnish and fried potatoes. Holly and Karl had immense panninis with fries. A couple of beers, a rum punch, some soft drinks, and the whole thing cost 337 BBD, just over £25 a head.

The rain came back as we arrived home and now it is cooler and breezier than at any time over the last two weeks. It's only about 80 degrees and the rain has taken much of the humidity out of the air. It's all very pleasant watching the rain and listening to the thunder rumble. I only wish we were staying.

Oh well, I have beer, rum, vodka and gin to drink tonight. Well, it'd be rude not to besides it might help me sleep and dream that our holiday isn't nearly over.

We will be back. I'm sure of that, even if I don't know how soon.

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