Friday, 14 August 2015

2 pm thoughts...

For Bob Cole, a man I didn’t know but for whom I have much respect.

2 pm thoughts.

I hope when my time is running out
I have some say in the matter.
Not kept alive with machines or drugs,
In agony, broken and shattered.

I hope when death approaches
I have dignity and choice.
Not a burden or an encumbrance,
But a man who still has a voice.

I hope that if I have to turn off the light
It is me that flicks that switch.
In charge of my own destiny,
My ending of life so rich.

I hope that when the end comes
I have the courage to say enough.
Not linger on as a shadow,
A man made of stronger stuff.

I hope if my body fails me
That everyone I hold dear
Lets me go on my way without regret.
The truth is I’m always here.


  1. Emma Cole on FB
    Thank you Andrew Height, it's beautiful and touching. Bob would approve he loved poetry himself xx

    1. Andrew Height
      This one is for him Emma. Such a brave man.

  2. Clare Pritchard on FB
    Totally agree Andrew, all for dignity in dying x