Saturday, 29 August 2015


We caught the tail end of hurricane Erica this morning. By the time it reached us it was a tropical storm and not much of one at that. Not enough to stop us swimming in the sea with a long eel at our feet, but enough to make warm rain and cool us down for a while.

Of course in Dominica thirty-eight people were killed. Not too far away, but far enough. Barbados is pretty much hurricane free. The last one that hit was in 1955, before even I was born.

Still, it is the rainy season and we did get some rain; but Wales really has a rainy season - it's called summer...and spring...and autumn...and winter. What luxury the Barbados people live in to be able to distinguish.

The rest of the day was wasted gift shopping. I hate gift shopping at the best of times, but Barbados has so little choice it really is a chore. If I had my way I wouldn't bother but, well 'er indoors...

Last full day tomorrow and the car goes back. But before it does we are driving up to Moontown again for lunch. Anyway, for now I am not going to think about it. Instead I am going to drink some more rum and watch the penultimate sun go down.

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