Sunday, 2 August 2015

Poetry poem...

Poetry poem

Who the hell reads poetry?
Who bothers to read bloody verse?
You wandered lonely as a cloud?
I think you should book a hearse.
Who gives a shit about stanzas?
Or haiku and limericks?
Tone and rhyme, just what’s that about?
Sod sonnets and metaphysics.

Aubade, acatalectic and acrostic,
Ballads, blank ‘V’ and bullshit,
Catalectic, canzones, choriambic meter,
Didactic, dirges, is there nothing better?
Eclogues, elegies, elegaic stanzas
Fourteeners, free verse, progressive fanzas,
Galliambic, gnomic, gobbledegook,
Georgics, ghazels, all very hard work.
Anyway, who really gives a fook?

Heptastich, idylls, jintishi, kinetic,
Laments, madrigals, rapping - well sick!
Occasional, palinodes, quatrains, and rhyme,
Sapphic, Tankas, who’s got the time?
Underground, verse, war, and xinshi,
And as for zeugma?
Well, it’s all Abecedarian to me.

Yes, who on earth reads this bloody stuff?
Who wastes their time writing ditties?
Just a minute. Oh, that’ll be me!
I hope I don’t get on your