Monday, 24 August 2015

Monday again...

So that is a week gone. God knows where though, it seems that we arrived yesterday and at the same time have been here forever. Perhaps it's the sound of the waves or the sunshine, or maybe it is simply the rum.

More turtles in the sea this morning, and even more fish leaping than usual. We know what to look for now and as soon as we see disturbances on the surface we wait for them to fly. A hummingbird hovered above the pool for half a minute this morning. I'd like to say I'm getting bored by it all, but I'm not.

After our morning chat with Harriet and Lucille, we were off back up to the Scotland district, this time to revisit Harrison's Caves. They have done it up, but it really isn't that different. The caves are still magnificent, they still turn the lights out for a while to show the total blackness that once would have been, and the train still struggles to climb the seven thousand feet to the surface. One thing that has changed, though, you no longer have to wear hardhats - perhaps that was always just for show. I know more about the geology of Barbados than I do of Cheshire. The reason for this is that they told me in the visitors exhibition, then in a film before the tour, and even on the train as we went round. I know all about the aquifer, the Atlantic plate slipping under the Caribbean plate causing the island to appear, and the four ages of coral that grew up around it, I even know that tites come down and mites go up.

Anyway, I was pleased to see that Harrison's Caves hadn't changed that much, but I really do wonder when the Barbadian government will get around the other two miles that are available. After all, they've been going to do it for twenty-five years.

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