Sunday, 19 July 2015

Can-can, the watering can...

Just how can a galvanised watering can become an object of desire? I saw this on sale in Aldi and knew from the moment I saw it that it had to be mine. It was also available in green or cream and in an oval shape rather than round. But this had to be the one, a big round ten litre galvanised watering can for only £9.99. I was truly in watering can heaven.

Of course watering cans have a long history. The term ‘watering can’ first appeared in 1692 and before that they were known as watering pots. These early watering devices were just what they said on the label, a round ceramic pot or jug with holes in the bottom that the water dribbled out of. You simply held it over the plants and let the water fall out of the bottom.

In 1886 the watering cans we recognise today became available. This was the year that the ‘Haws’ watering can first appeared, patented by John Haws. The patent read ‘This new invention forms a watering pot that is much easier to carry and tip, and at the same time being much cleaner, and more adapted for use than any other put before the public.’

I’ve had dozens over the years, mainly plastic, but a couple of galvanised ones along the way. Oddly, watering cans seem to have the same vanishing ability as socks and pens and scissors, and no matter what you’ll always find one full of spiders and webs at the back of the shed - usually minus the rose.

I may start collecting up a few of my old ones and make a watering can sculpture.

That will have to wait for now though, it’s time to water.

1 comment:

  1. Tim Preston
    so it is smile emoticon

    Andrew Height
    ten litre one Tim. A reals man's watering can.

    Tim Preston
    sounds very butch!

    Andrew Height
    I can hardly lift it when full. I'll have to ask the wife to do the watering. £9.99 from Aldi.

    Tim Preston
    ha ha grin emoticon

    Ian Maclachlan
    I've just liked a watering can...

    Andrew Height
    Well, it is a very likable watering can Ian.

    Tricia Kitt
    PLEASE come & do my gardening!

    Vicky Sutcliffe

    Ian Maclachlan
    ...that's why I liked it Andy

    Andrew Height
    There is nothing so satisfying as the weight of a manly watering can in your hand Vicky.

    Andrew Height
    Tricia, this isn't gardening. This is the new sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll!

    Andrew Height
    I wonder if I will see my reflection in it as I water?

    Mel Mackuin
    The picture is a great cover the Gardening book you are about to publish. The only addition to the picture could be your reflection in the watering can

    Andrew Height
    I may call it 'Gardening with Merlot' Mel.

    Mel Mackuin Good title.
    17 July at 23:52 · Unlike · 1

    Therese Nott
    ...isn't that the only way to potter in the garden mr height?

    Andrew Height
    Well it could be 'Gardening with Shiraz and Chablis' Therese.

    Therese Nott
    oh, even better smile emoticon