Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Boris Johnson...

A bit of a ditty about the King of London City.

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson, Lord Mayor of London
As devious as David Cameron,
Cold as Thatcher, dangerous as Blair.
Don't be fooled by his flyaway hair.

Boris Johnson, old school tie.
To say he’s all Pfeffel would be a lie.
Bullingdon, Eton and Balliol,
He knows exactly what to put on show.

Boris Johnson, native New Yorker.
Knows which way to pass the porter.
He’s worked at the Times and Telegraph,
Faking the fool to make us laugh.

But Boris, well, he isn’t funny,
Overly keen on making money.
A serial philanderer, he’s far right clever.
‘Me Prime Minister? Not me, no never’.
Foxhunting, cycling, marijuana, cocaine.
Turn again Boris, Turn again.
He beat Red Ken twice to be King of London,
Watch out for Boris, Mr Cameron.


  1. Richard Shore on FB
    In the last verse, I would have put foxhunt at the end of the first line. Can't think of a rhyme for it though.

    1. Andrew Height
      Boris probably could Richard.

  2. Kevin Parrott
    Andy, he isn't "Lord" Mayor, however.......... the conclusion is...???

    1. Andrew Height
      Boris will at some point be Prime Minister Kevin, I have no doubt on that and have fifty quid on it for some time at eleven to one. What sort of Prime Minister he will be will be interesting.

    2. Kevin Parrott
      It Doesn't Matter Anymore who's PM....... we're all doomed.

    3. Kevin Parrott
      However Andy, a great poem,
      I was just thinking, we should get together for a drink, we haven't met for at least 10 years?

    4. Andrew Height
      Yes, I may even get to one of your gigs one day Kevin Parrott

    5. Kevin Parrott
      That would be good.....!