Saturday, 18 July 2015

Hang on...

Such a beautiful day to be hanging onto my hollyhocks. This one is ten feet tall and grown from seed three or four years ago. I've moved it once and it has survived and it provides such beauty that I think I will let it rest where it is.

Anyway, today didn't turn out to be great. Just after I posted this picture on Facebook my mother-in-law called to say her meds had not arrived last night from the chemist. She hadn't told us even though she was with us. If she had I could have fixed it with a single call. Instead she waited until this morning when the usual chemist was closed and her doctors unavailable as they don't 'do' weekends.

Long story short. After emergency doctors, prescription, visits to a lot of chemists we eventually got it sorted. Mind you a beautiful day had gone rushing around while she sat and eat sandwiches and watched TV.

The old (she's 85) are either very stupid or very clever. I'm not sure which in this case.