Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Old man coming...

Old man coming

I can feel the old man coming.
Shuffling his way with a groan.
Each small movement an effort
For his stiff and aching bones.
The stairs are becoming a mountain,
Each shoelace a tricky chore.
A grunt as he sits and settles.
His strong back is no more.

I smell the old man coming.
A miasma of decay.
Peppermint and Ralgex
And slightly damp sweet hay.
His feet need sweetening also,
His breath it needs a spray.
He has the smell of December
Like a dank and smoky day.

I can hear the old man coming.
With his sneezes and sniffles and snorts.
He’s answering aloud his own questions
Well, he’s feeling out of sorts.
When standing up his knees creek,
When walking he often gasps.
His body, well it needs oiling,
But his hinges aren’t going to last.

I can see the old man coming.
More each day in the glass.
Long grey eyebrows, a blemish.
He’s becoming a thing of the past.
His brow these days has lines on its lines,
His face yellowed dark and hollowed eyes.
And under his rough summer suntan,
You can see see the old man disguise.
I can taste the old man coming.
In my blood and tears and spit.
And despite all this pretending,
There’s really no changing it.
I’ve lived more years than are coming.
Who knows how far through I am?
‘Make the best’ of it I mumble,
‘I really don’t give a damn.’


  1. Vicky Sutcliffe on FB

    1. Andrew Height
      Thanks Vicky. I won the school poetry prize four years running. You can imagine the ribbing I got in an all boys boarding school. Never stopped me though.

  2. Gloria Brown on FB
    I drink peppermint tea n spray Ralgex on my calf muscles!!

    1. Andrew Height
      Well it isn't a crime Gloria wink emoticon

  3. John Hatton on FB
    I'm not sure if it depressed me or cheered me up?!..beautifully written though, thanks!

  4. Tim Preston on FB
    Very good you miserable old bastard. You actually want this I reckon. You loveable old bear heart emoticon smile emoticon

  5. Lindsey Messenger on FB
    Great x

  6. Great to see you yesterday Andy. Love the poem. I just wish the young man in you would put up a bit more of a fight against the encroaching old man.

    1. He is Lloydy, it's just taking some time and a change of focus.

    2. Good to see you too, even if you are a bit Hipster...

  7. Tricia Kitt on FB
    About the getting older - frankly my dear.... although it does help when there is more in the glass! Good stuff my "old" friend, and keep it coming xxx

    1. Andrew Height
      Tricia it isn't just the getting older, it's who I am turning into that bothers me more.

    2. Tricia Kitt
      How could you turn into anything but you? You might be multifaceted but never two-faced

    3. Andrew Height
      Thanks Tricia(I think). Sometimes though when I look in the mirror I see my father looking out of my eyes and I would rather anything than that. Not a good thing.