Thursday, 9 July 2015


Believe this or not, this is just sunlight reflected on my fridge door.

1 comment:

  1. Andrew Height
    What does it look like to you? I see a cat with a bow on its head.

    Sharon Taylor
    there is a small ghost cat bottom right - it has very big eyes............

    Lindsey Messenger
    Yeah I could see the little cat ghost.....

    Phil Ogden
    Minnie Mouse.

    Kevin Burke
    I see a cat with sunglasses perched on his little head

    Andrew Height
    It's all there people.

    Tim Preston
    It's on it's side and it's a forshortened seagull with it's beak pointing upwards and a footballer flying in to make a header. I thought that was obvious

    Buffey Glandon
    I saw the little skull figure first, but I can see a cat and a fat man in a dark suit smiling too. lol.

    Andrew Height
    More drugs are required.