Thursday, 30 July 2015

Parked up...

I love coming here and parking up to look at the mountains in the distance.

Our cottage is behind those three peaks on the far right. When I was working the sight of these mountains as we drove along the road every Friday evening transported me from stress to peace in an instant.

Sometimes I wonder what life would have been like without our tiny sanctuary from a  busy and indifferent world.


  1. Phil Ogden
    Nice umbels...

    Siobhan Harkin
    Looks lovely Andrew, grey in Alti!

    Pauline Delooze
    Gorgeous shot

    Andrew Height
    The coast road at Caernarfon looking across to the Llyn where we have our cottage.

  2. Replies
    1. Carmel Payne
      No its not!

      Lindsey Messenger
      And there is enough blue sky for a patch on pair of sailors trousers...... Now that is a good sign

      Andrew Height
      I remember Gran saying that .