Monday, 13 July 2015



Push the boats out,
Push ‘em hard
Push me adrift on memory bliss.

Ah, my past. My dim, distant past.
A tightrope walk of images never meant to last.
Memories, spinning round and round,
Circus, saplings, broken hearts.
Tears shed in so many towns.
What if those memories,
Each and all
Could be dealt with a deck of cards?
Thrown out onto the lake of time,
Soft and sometimes hard.
Set adrift on memory bliss
At evening time.
A purple shift.
Low sun in flamingo sky.
I sit, drunk and expected,
And watch the times pass by.
Each and every memory card
Thrown on the water to scatter,
Good and bad and shameful.
Does any of it matter?
If only the bad would drift and go,
And happy times like diamonds,
Float to me, towards me flow.
I would gather all.
To set adrift on memory bliss
A lingering long forgotten kiss.
Choose direction with good not bad,
Laughter, good times,
Free from black, not sad.

I don’t want to remember those closed doors.
Betrayal, indifference, masters and whores.
Perhaps there is no past.
Just this instant,
And nothing more.

It was never meant to last.
Memory bliss
A diamond in each small instant
And then nothing.
Is that contentment?

Push the boats out,
Push ‘em hard
Push me adrift on memory bliss,
I'll survive without that kiss.


  1. Sarah Rawden on FB
    I really love this smile emoticon xXx

    1. Andrew Height
      Thanks Sarah x

  2. John Hatton on FB
    Ripping off PM Dawn? Andrew!...really good mate...more please!

    1. Andrew Height
      Sampling John, besides they are the soundtrack to some very precious moment in my life - and thanks.

  3. Thanks Paul, I borrowed your big top photo for this composite. I hope you don't mind. The rest is mine apart from the tightrope walker.

  4. Cloe Fyne on FB
    Can I have a copy of that pic on canvas please?