Saturday, 18 July 2015

Holly's 21st...

Holly was 21 yesterday. Of course we had forgotten the balloons and banners, so my day began with an almost dawn run to Tesco followed by a bit of blowing-up and drawing pinning. Facebook messages were sent, presents and cards were opened, and then Holly and Karl were off to a local cafe for some breakfast.

How different from the hours and hours of preparation making ready for the indoor fairy picnics and whole-house treasure hunts. I can't say I miss those sulky, spoilt, rude, attention seeking seven, eight, nine, ten year old princesses, but I quite enjoyed dressing as a gnome and seeing them cry when I stopped the pass the parcel music, just as they had passed it on to the next person, was sheer delight.

In the evening we went to the Italian that where we celebrated Holly's 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th etc. She loves it there and we all like it, using it as our celebration restaurant of choice. The food is fine and simple, and of course there is wine which always helps. Holly stuffed her face herself with calamari (a favourite), veal and spaghetti, with a side of garlic and cheese pizza.

Joan (85) came along and decided upon a deconstructed chicken dish, deconstructed as she didn't want the mushrooms, peppers, or herbs, so basically had a bit of chicken in white sauce.

I drove and then, after dropping Joan off, we went home and lit the candles on the cake, singing happy birthday as we have been doing for the last 21 years. Not a very big cake, but a very sparkly one.

Anyway, happy birthday sweetheart. I hope it was an okay day.


  1. Tricia Kitt on FB
    Also looks extremely chocolatey, which of course, is a Very Good Thing - well done, Dad!

  2. My work here is done...

    Andy Lloyd
    Happy birthday Holly! I'm sure you really know Andy that the work continues.

    Jayne Butterworth
    Happy birthday to your lovely daughter holly happy 21 st. Xxx

    Tim Preston
    Happy Birthday Holly - Looks as though you've had the best upbringing ever:-)

    Maz Powley
    your work will never be done!!!!! x

    Maureen Dalliday
    Happy Birthday Holly... Have a great day. X

    Tricia Kitt
    Holly has grown up, but you look just the same! (Dodgy pic in the loft?) - plus you're still such a big kid...

    Tricia Kitt
    P.s. Happy birthday, Holly and congrats for doing so well so far!

    Andrew Height
    I was always old Tricia. My hands have been wrinkled since birth.

  3. Yes, but only twenty quid today Andy

  4. Holly Height on FB
    It was a lovely day, thanks Dad xxx