Sunday, 13 March 2016

On pirate ships...

I live and learn and stare out of the window. Of course when I look out I don’t always see what exactly is there. Reality can be so boring and there’s far more to see than what’s in my line of sight. Some people can do this all the time. They are called visionaries. Well, I’m no visionary but sometimes I see a thing or two in the sky (a pirate ship maybe) or the shadows on the wall (a tiger!) and I escape for a few moments. It’s like dreaming whilst being awake. At school I was often marked down on my reports for daydreaming. They said ‘I could do better’, but of course I really couldn’t and why would I want to? It’s my daydreaming that has got me to where I am now and, despite the plumbing in this house and my obvious addictions, it isn’t such a bad place.

So parents, if you see your kids staring out of the window, when they should be doing their economics homework, don’t shout at them. Let them dream. Reality will bite soon enough.

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  1. Tim Preston
    smile emoticon Good advice!

    Andrew Height
    I was to some extent thinking of you Tim. Where would we be without our crazy thoughts? Let the young folk dream while they can.

    Tim Preston
    Especially in this results driven world.

    Andrew Height
    It isn't the result Tim. It's how you feel when you get there, wherever there is. Winning is not the goal and there isn't even a goal. All there is is how you feel about the journey - and yes I know that sounds new age and corny, but I don't give a flying fuck. The best journeys are the ones we want to take. Blessings to you and yours.

    Cloe Fyne
    Cloe Fyne Love this. (Are you sending the picture milos way?....) x

    Cloe Fyne
    Just shown him it.... He said wow!!

    Tim Preston
    wow indeed grin emoticon

    Andrew Height
    That one is long gone Cloe
    I have something he may like though. Been keeping it for him.

    Paul Whitehouse
    It is indeed a fabulous picture Andrew Height

    Liz Shore
    Fantastic picture!

    Andrew Height
    Thanks Liz. It's a line drawing (which I have lost) coloured electronically after scanning. I do that a lot - silly me.
    Lorna Gleadell
    Can we have this picture please ??

    Andrew Height
    Sorry Lorna that one is long gone and only exists as a file these fsys.

    Lorna Gleadell
    Awww, my pirate really likes it !!

    David Bell
    Great illustration
    Like · Reply · 14 March at 18:05

    Iain Marshall
    Wise words Andi....your drawings are superb too!

    Andrew Height
    Thanks Iain.