Monday, 28 March 2016

Bank Holiday Monday...

So what can I tell you about today? Just another wet Bank Holiday Monday, the grey clouds racing across the sky, sunny one moment, dark and raining the next like a troubled expression on a patient in a hospital bed. What goes on in there I wonder, her face as changeable as this weather but strangely without expression at the same time.

The wind blows and the trees tremble with small convulsions, the branches reaching up then falling quiet again. There’s a storm going on somewhere, but it will pass at some time we know. It's just a waiting game and we sit in the waiting room unable to change or influence anything.

We stayed a while and then the pointlessness of being there came crashing in again and we left and went back out into the rain. We hate this waiting.


  1. Sarah Farmer on FB
    Can Gaynor tell her she can go? Xxx

    1. We have Sarah and she's going we think :-(