Thursday, 31 March 2016

And it’s goodnight from him…

So there goes another national treasure. The Two Ronnies kept me in stitches in my teens despite the surreal chaos that was Monty Python being around at the same time. It says something for the genius of the Ronnies that they could capture a teenage audience when the Pythons were at large, although in many ways their humour and sketches were made of the same slightly surreal material.

Ronnie Corbett sat in his armchair, rambling on about pretty much nothing, was a fascinating thing to watch, a monologue that seemed completely off the cuff and so easily done. It couldn’t have been though could it? So at ease and so self depreciating, I challenge you to watch him without laughing. Then there was The Phantom Raspberry Blower, Four candles, their funny songs and my favourite F.U.N.E.X? - Swedish made simple.

It works just as well as a script, but it’s really worth watching. Here it is, say it aloud.

Man: L.O.
Waiter: L.O.
Man: R.U.B.C.
Waiter: S.V.R.B.C.
Waitress: L.O.
Waiter: L.O.
Man: L.O.
Man: F.U.N.E.X.
Waiter: S.V.F.X.
Man: F.U.N.E.M.
Waiter: 9.
Man: I.F.C.D.M.
Waiter: V.F.N.10.E.M.
Waitress: A. V.F.M.
Man: R.
Waiter: O.
Waitress: C. D.M.
Waiter: O.S. V.F.M.
Man: O.K. M.N.X.
Waiter: M.N.X.
Man: F.U.N.E.T.
Waiter: 1 T.
Man: 1 T.
Waiter: O.K. M.X.N.T. M.X.N.T.4.1.
Waitress: V.F.N.10.E.X.
Man: U.Z.U.F.X.
Waiter: Y.F.N.U.N.E.X.
Waitress: I.F.E.10.M.
Waiter: S.I.L.L.Y. C.O.W.

So it’s goodnight from Ronnie, thanks for all the laughter. I don’t laugh enough these days, but you will always make me roar and that’s the mark of a true comic genius.


  1. Of course both of the Ronnies worked with most of the Pythons (most famously Cleese in the "Class" sketch) on "The Frost Report", so there may have been far more cross-pollination of their surreal styles than might have been apparent when families were gathering to watch "The Two Ronnies" and their various sitcoms.

    Another sad loss to those of us in the generations to whom they meant the most.

    1. Yes I remember the 'I know my place sketch'. It was so different back then. Comics worked together in close proximity bouncing ideas off each other: Milligan, Sykes, Took, Norman, Cooper, Bentine, although I believe Hancock was a bit of a loner. I wonder if it still works that way today.

  2. Anne Donaldson on FB
    Four Candles being lit

  3. Cloe Fyne
    frown emoticon

  4. Fraser Stewart on FB
    And Fork Handles set out.

  5. Gloria Brown on FB
    Lovely man RIP

  6. Dave Harbour on FB
    I wonder if AVDC will give him a seat next to Ronnie Barker?

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    Sad he was a luvly funny man