Saturday, 4 August 2012

The journey continues - in the cul-de-sac...

I’ve been thinking about taking off on my travels again. Seems like I’ve been a long time stuck in this cul-de-sac… thing is, I’m not quite sure where it was all going so parking up for a while seemed like the right thing to do. A good idea - as they say just before they enter the haunted house to get out of the rain.

No haunted houses here though, plenty of rain overnight, but no ghosts, no ghoulies, not even a will-o-the-wisp. I wasn’t expecting much from the cul-de-sac, and to be honest I wasn’t disappointed. There was just a hedge and a lot of overgrown undergrowth at the end of the lane, not even a turning point. It was the turning point, or rather the lack of it, that was part of the problem… it was going to be a very long reverse.

Another part of the problem that led me to the cul-de-sac was this: because I was on the road daily for a while, if there was something else I felt that I wanted to write about, I didn’t; and I was missing the variety, the freedom of spontaneous composition. There’s nothing quite like just writing an opening sentence and then going with it, waiting to see where it leads – it’s a journey all of its own. So, I’m toying with the idea of making the Puckster’s travels a weekly episode on my blog – like Misty the cat, and the Little Duckington of long ago. Who knows, the Puckmobile may even take a little jaunt to see how the ducks are getting on.

Well, it is my road-trip and it is my road.

Luna’s still with me of course, asleep in the back of the campervan and there on my Luna clock above the dash. She had a bad night last night, a terrible dream about flying teapots pouring scalding hot tea on her fur and where the liquid touched she melted like a candle. I know it was only a dream but it shook her up quite badly and for almost an hour she couldn’t speak at all; the dream knocking all of her words from her – all she could do was meow. So, it looks like we both had bad dreams last night, what with my dream about the planes colliding and that awful warehouse – funny that both of us should dream of disaster from the air. I hope that it isn’t portentous.

Anyway, the journey continues, well almost, I’m still enjoying it and the things I’m discovering along the way; even though I still have no idea where I’m going.

Oh well, let’s get the old fella into reverse gear. Come on Puckster, this may take me quite a while.


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  2. Glad you are going back on the road with Luna. I am sure you will meet lots of quirky characters and visit places not yet visited by others on this earth. You are our trailblazer, the one who has the courage to do, not just talk about doing. Please don't take Luna into any haunted places, although I remember you told me that it's not places but people that are chosen to be part of the other world. I hope 'Im not one of them. B. Kapral

  3. Kevin Parrott on Facebook:
    This looks beautiful, and so well preserved.

    1. I wish it were really mine instead of virtually,

  4. Lindsey Messenger on Facebook:
    have a good trip....... and sweet dreams !!!