Monday, 6 August 2012

Strymple 10...

“Please prove you're not a robot” it asks. Well, I’m pretty sure that I’m not, but you can never be sure can you? After all, what is the nature of reality and sometimes my actions seem to be so repeated in the most robotic of ways. Anyway, I key in the words and numbers it asks me for; sometimes they seem so prophetic (dedend sads, loser 121, Ashowl 0), but not today… “strymple 10” is all I get.

Ah, the good old Strymple 10, now there was a robot to rely on.

I consider making the fictitious Strymple 10 the subject of today’s blog and reject the idea. I love robots, but they aren’t to everybody’s taste. I do take time to search out an old picture of one of my wind-up robots though; one of what I laughing call my collection, although I only have four – I was sure that there were more once.

My plastic red robot seems like a good candidate for the Strymple 10 and my head fills with exciting thoughts of starting a proper collection. In a flash I’m on e-bay checking out what’s for sale; some really desirable copies from Japan and a few nice originals.

In ten minutes I clocked up 160 quid in ‘buy nows’, I didn’t buy though. Well, I don’t have that much disposable income and where would I keep them?

You know you’d find somewhere...” That tempting voice inside my head whispers, and he’s right; I would. I’d find somewhere and I’d get real pleasure winding them up, watching them walk across the kitchen table, playing robots. Will I never grow up?

I decide that I might put a few silly bids on some e-bay robots. See what I get. But it isn’t really a decision, just another ‘could’. I still might though; find one that appeals and bid a quid, taking care I’m not stung with the P and P, and knowing that later – when I can get online – that’s just what I’ll do. I’m like that - a bit sad.

“Please prove that you’re not a robot?”

How about I prove that I am?


  1. Sandra Bouguerch on Facebook:
    they are ace!
    nam june paik loved them too x

  2. Della Roberts on Facebook:
    Love em!