Monday, 20 August 2012

Adventures and Mumps...

What are you looking at with that expression that might mean anything on your funny face? Seems to me that you might be saying… what do I do next?

If you want my advice, I’d advise that you don’t – not ‘do next’ (you have plenty of ‘next’ to ‘do’), but ask for my advice. Just why would you want my advice? I don’t give advice you see. I may give you an opinion if you were to ask, but you’d need to be prepared for the opinion I gave – I make it a rule to say what I say you see. Think you could take it big little guy?

NEVER TOo what?

NEVER TOo SuRE maybe.

No, I don’t give advice; I don’t think I have much advice to offer. Oh, I have plenty of ‘life’ experience, I know the pitfalls, where and things are going to go wrong, what to do, what not to do – but only in the confines of my very small set of careful experiences and half-empty adventures.

Adventures, now that’s a laugh! I don’t have adventures, but then if you ever get to read this blog you’ll see that. Ad-ven-ture – a three syllable word that is much bigger than nine letters long and should never be coloured grey.

Anyway back to you. What do you do next? If you want my advice (which of course you don’t and I don’t), my opinion let’s call it - it would be this.

Don’t get trapped in the grey day-to-day. Think bigger than that. Have a-d-v-e-n-t-u-r-e-s.

I don’t care if you never own a house, a car, or a safe grey suit. I don’t care if you don’t go to University, become a doctor or a lawyer, holiday three times a year in your villa in Corfu. I don’t care if you never buy me a Christmas present, find time to visit, like or dislike me. I don’t care if you wear dirty sneakers, have tattoos and piercings, shave your head. I don’t care if you are straight/ gay/both, have god(s), no god(s), vote. I don’t care if you never marry, have children, invite me to a party. I don’t care you see, I simply don’t care.

In my opinion; LiFe Is tOo sHorT, and by doing what’s above you will MaKe It To0 LonG. It’ll become tiresome, boring, predictable, mind-numbingly day-to-day samey sameday – and before you know it you’ll keep doing it anyway because it is all that you know and then you will die.

So what should you do? How should I know? Do what you want I guess.

But in my opinion… experience as much of life as you can before deciding what you want from it. And if you never decide - well, I don’t care. Eat, drink, have fun and party, travel to places that people tell you not to travel to, try everything, meet everyone, wait for the one – and if it turns out they’re not, just find someone else and keep looking. Keep moving until you feel you’re ready to stop, then keep moving some more until you’re really sure you’re ready to stop. Be someone, even if you are nobody. Be yourself, even if others don’t like it. Make the right choice for you, rather than the right choice for somebody else.

Have a-d-v-e-n-t-u-r-e-s.

I think that you might get the idea by now.  Not advice you understand. Just my opinion built after years of not following my own advice – and if I don’t follow it, just why should you?

Anyway, that’s it my man. Take it or leave it. I don’t give advice and I don’t care - but remember… a-d-v-e-n-t-u-r-e-s. Now learn to spell it quick.

Let the AdVenTurEs begin…


  1. I need that kind of talk at the moment. Life is too short to not be doing what we want to do. Inevitably (or not for some) many of us find ourselves bored and unfulfilled. That leap out of safety and into the unknown is all too much. Your blog has reinforced the possibilities and given that perspective which I find in it from time to time. Cheers.
    Apart from that I enjoyed the writing too. A bit of beat poetry for the 21st Century.

    1. For my grandson - yes, my grandson. Follow his occasional adventures here Ian - THE AAdventures of Mumps... and I love your photo of clouds. Keep looking at them, one day it will all make sense.

  2. Richard Shore on FB. On the road. Reminds me of your blog tonight Mr Hight, you beat poet you.

    1. Beat poet? Beat Schmoet! But thanks anyway - that means a lot.

  3. Emma Cholmondeley on FB
    Cute pic.

  4. B. Kapral: Your blog tonight is brilliant - cute baby (and you know I don't like them) and advice or info which gets to the very heart of life. So many times I've not done things cos other people didn't want me to... and I listened. I've only truly been happy when I've done what my heart told me to, often against the wishes of my head. I've followed dreams and had great adventures and hopefully many more to come. You are a wise man Mr H. continue as you are and entertain us with your tales and your thoughts - how I would have loved to have had you sitting round my campfire in Greece 30 years ago........

  5. Richard Shore on FB
    There was a section of your blog that reminded me of Dylan, and I don't have any higher praise than that.

  6. Sarah Rawden on FB:
    You don't have to move from your house tho to not's a state of mind...a way of's constantly questioning the accepted norms...not what the daily mail or any other newspaper or programme may lead you to believe is the "norm"....oooo that feels much better for getting that out :o) x

    1. Agreed - a state of mind, but sometimes that isn't enough I feel.

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