Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Waiting for Wales…

The weather continues making everything it touches magical with a fog delivered frost. Even the dullest stand of trees is beautified by the hard rime. Icicles grow longer, surface ice thicker, and Christmas comes closer.

We are meant to be going to Wales today, but there’s been more snow so we don’t know whether to attempt it. I think we are waiting for Wales to let us in.


Later – we did and we got here. I’m so pleased.

Christmas can begin now.


  1. Has Christmas begun yet?
    It doesn't feel 'Christmassy' here ... no sparkling Christmas lights/trees in the town (only fake ones in the shopping malls) ... :O)
    Never mind; Kingsley has the day off tomorrow; Christmas Eve, so we'll go and 'get in the Christmas spirit (will start with a drink or two tonight...) and buy a ham and some seafood (that's what you do here) ... We collect Jed from the train station at 10.30 tomorrow night ... then Christmas will begin ....
    Take care
    With love, Little sister, Della

  2. PS
    It has finally stopped raining .... :O)
    No need to build an ark - sun shone yesterday, but it's only 11 degrees so far this morning ...

  3. Freezing cold, snow, ice and burst pipes.

    Merry Christmas!