Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Mince Pies…

The sky is flat and grey, everything is damp from the rain, birds lethargically peck at the damp seed in the feeders - all so different from the crispness and excitement of just a few days ago, before Christmas had been and gone.

Perhaps it just goes to show how quickly things can change – one moment it’s a rich mixture of spice, fruit, nuts, and rich wine, and the next........ all crumbs.

I might bake some more. I hope that I still have the recipe.

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  1. Facebook comments:

    Stephanie Ashton - Alternatively visit Tescos as they are putting out Easter eggs...a sign that spring is on it's way.......alternatively we could see it as more brainwashing twaddle :)

    Della Jayne Roberts - Floods like never before in Queensland (well - for at least 50 years) and then Bushfire warnings in Adelaide, South Australia - temps of about 42 degrees ....
    Here in Canberra it's been about 33 degrees today - now only 31 about 87 degrees ...