Saturday, 25 December 2010

My Christmas message...

Don't worry I'm not going to go on about sport, although you could skate on our lane the ice is so thick. I just wanted to say that I've had a great Christmas day made particularly special by the Tree Creeper that visited our feeder this Christmas morning. Even the Long Tailed Tits turned up to wish us all a merry Christmas. I feel blessed.

Presents opened, fabulous dinner done and washed up, we now await Doctor Who. How perfect this day has been.

The temperature is dropping again, the sheep grazing in the fields across the way from the cottage look like they'll need their fleeces tonight. The sky is on fire, such a contrast to the world of white beneath. It's so cold the breath hangs like smoke in the air after I've walked away from it, the icicles that hang from Elsie's cottage are three feet long, and there is no sound - even the birds are silent.

Good day, such a good day, and more wine to come - perfect.

A very merry Christmas to you all and I hope that your day has been as good as mine.


  1. Ian Maclachlan commented on Facebook:

    And Meeery and increasingly bleary Christmas to you Mr Height!

  2. Della Jayne Roberts on Facebook:

    ‎21 (66) degrees here for Boxing day. Funny sort of weather - had a shower or two of rain last night - lovely as it cooled things down.
    Off for a walk later.
    Enjoy yourselves

  3. flu - missed Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!