Friday, 31 December 2010

Goodbye 2010

Goodbye 2010, here's your last sunset. I’m not going to miss you, you’ve turned out to be the worst of years, few highs and far too many lows. You brought too many endings, too many goodbyes, far too much change – and mostly simply because.
No, I’m not going to miss you as you shuffle out and die, or shed a tear at your passing, or let a small enigmatic smile slip across my face like your shadow. Instead I’ll raise my bow-plucking fingers to you and dance as you die.
I have your passing planned. I’m going to take a long bath and wash each and every scrap, every last shred of your dirty, dusty, trail, from me and watch you swirl away down the plug hole. I’m going to put on new clothes, never worn, never seen by you, putting them on like an armour so that you can’t pierce me further, you’ve made so many holes to fill and heal.
I’m done with you 2010. I’ve set an outside fire to burn you off, there’s no escaping. I shall stand around the flames watching the smoke of you disperse into the sky and drink you away without a toast. No songs at your passing, I hope never to bring you to mind again. Maybe I’ll spit into the fire and curse you as you die.
If I had the power I’d kill you myself, but you’re dead anyway. To be sure though I’m burning mistletoe and feathers and salt; there’s no turning back, either for you or for me, and I’m not toasting you out, or your brother in. 2011 may be a better companion than you but I’m not sure I trust any of you any more.
See what you have done?
So here I am at the end of your reign a changed man. How changed, I don’t yet know but I feel it coming, creeping over me cold and hot, sad and joyous, bitter and hopeful.
Where now? Only time will tell


  1. May we all be climbing out of 2010 and not falling deeper in 2011.

  2. All done. Fire, feathers, mistletoe, salt, and anger. I win - 2010 loses.

  3. Samantha Oakes commented on Facebok:

    Happy new year to you all, hope 2011 will be good for you, love to you all Samantha xxx (ps sorry it's a bit late)

  4. Facebook comments:

    Andy Bickerdike - bring back 2006/07

    Mike King - I feel similar about 2010. On the plus side I met Ruth but on the negative side, my Mum was ill and sadly died a couple of days back so I for one won't look back on 2010 with the best of memories :(

    Colin Tickle - It'll be no surprise that I took my camera out today, looking for images to put in a gallery called "Good Riddance 2010". I'm not sure that I got any pictures worth putting up... a grey miserable end to a year which was metaphorically grey and miserable.

    Andy Bickerdike - today was a very dull day colin... summed it it totally...

    Tony Payne - Roll on 2011. Andi have you got the link jjp to twitter. I've a new fancy iPhone and can now follow your blogs and stuff properly!
    Hope non of us go thru a year like that again.

    Colin Tickle - Your New Years Eve is quite ellaborate Andy. Mine is starting with a meal out and will end when we run out of alcohol or can drink no more.

    Della Jayne Roberts - ‎2010 is no more - for you there is less than 1/2 hour to go .... Mum and dad phoned to wish us a Happy New Year - and we started watching the fireworks in Sydney (but they dragged on - over the top as usual) - phoned Jed

    Nick Jennings - to let negative thoughts remain is to let this beast win, you must dismiss it with the distain it deserves and strive on with vigour! 2011 will be our year and history will smell of nothing if not stale rot and be replaced with the scent of a new beginning!

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