Friday, 17 December 2010

Happy birthday blog...

Hard to believe but 'What a Wonderful Life' is two years old today! It seems longer and simultaneously it seems like yesterday, either way two years and 634 posts later I can hardly remember writing this, my first post.


I'm in e-space! Here I am with my very own blog and the future opens up in front of me in ways that I could only have dreamt of just seconds ago.

So many questions flood my head. What do I write? Is my spelling up to it? Will I be able to entertain? Will anyone read me? And how on earth does this all work?

Questions, questions, questions. Maybe over the next few weeks I'll get the answers

Well, I still don’t have the answers, in fact I think I'm further away from them that ever I was two short years ago - but for those of you that read me, and for Flora who got me started.



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  2. Drawforjoy Illustrations commented on Facebook:

    Happy birthday Andrew's blog!!

  3. Jamie Morden commented on Facebook:

    I hope to read many more in the future...after i read your writings, i usually look to one side and try to see your's a good world :-)

  4. Happy birthday to me
    Happy birthday to me
    Happy birthday WAWL
    Happy birthday to me

  5. Cloe texted: Happy Birthday Blog

  6. A belated happy birthday to the blog. Keep the words and pictures coming please. We would miss them if they weren't there. Thanks