Tuesday, 7 December 2010

JJJP Book 6 - To the circus…

A Ju-Ju’s jouney is never easy.
There is only journey.
Life is journey.
Death is journey.
Journey is journey...
Out of the Random will come the cake, and with that the alliteration actually ended.
From behind the stoic stony stones of solitary solitude stepped Smudge. It had been a long time since Flavius and Smudge had last met and the old wounds had not healed. They stood facing each other, man to man, face to face, ego to ego, each daring the other to make the fist move, take the first step, start the ball rolling.
Yes, the alliteration had ended (well almost) but the ‘three phrases where one would have sufficed’ had only just begun.
Years previously Flavius and Smudge had been partners. They had put together the biggest, bestest, baddest, circus the world have ever seen. All life appeared in their ring, Strongo and Zorro, the Flying Fellinis, clowns and tumblers, elephants and snake charmers, vanishing acts, knife throwers, murderers, bearded ladies, unicorns, dwarves – and of course Katie Cake the fattest female flirt on earth.
Both Flavius and Smudge fell deeply in love with her, finding here bountiful beauty irresistible, her gorgeous giganticness a magnet, her lovely lardiness a turn on. In short they were both smitten, ensnared, pierced with Cupid’s arrow.
Yes, they both loved Katie but she loved only cake. It ate away at Flavius and Smudge destroying their friendship, setting them against each other, dividing their once singular singularity. They became sworn enemies, both wooing Katie whilst she ate cake. They tried everything to win her – cakes and fancies, biscuits and bakes, chocolates and confectionary, but all to no avail. Katie continued to love only cake and their unrequited love continued to eat away at the love struck pair of showmen, impresarios, cirqueologists.
Inevitably, predictably, eventually the situation turned their friendship sour like a lemon, bitter like a pill, acid like a drop - and they went their separate ways. Flavius went his way to find the Lost Islands where he was born (or rather his way for the Lost Islands to find him), and Smudge the other way to create a bigger, better, brassier, Flavius-free circus.
Katie meanwhile ate cake and married a baker. The marriage didn’t last long. Katie ate all the cake and the baker had nothing to sell. His business was in ruins, on the brink of failing, at the edge of catastrophe - so he divorced her.
But neither Smudge nor Flavius ever forgot Katie…
Years before when they were younger men a stranger had come to the circus. He had great power, could work miraculous miracles, make marvellous marvels happen. He was the Holy Ju-Ju, keeper of the hoodoo voodoo heart, he was the chosen Peanut and he had made Katie’s cakes sprout wings and fly into the air.
Oh, how she had clapped her hands in glee, smiled with delight, danced with joy.
Perhaps the Holy Ju-Ju was the answer? Whoever had him would have great power. Whoever controlled his miracles might still win Katie’s heart.
And there we have it. The story so far, the tale to date, the legend laid out in essence…

A tryst of lovers, the rivals rivalry, a stony-hearted woman, cake, a man driven mad with loneliness, another by lust, a search, a kidnap, a journey, an exchange, neeeeeeeee… and all to end up here on the Lost Islands with the toss of a coin…
Smudge had won and Flavius had lost.
There is only story. Life is story. Death is story. Story is story.
It is all story - and when the holy Ju-Ju awoke, his fate had been decided. Amen.
To the CIRCUS!
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  1. Philip Morgan commented on Facebook:

    He's the true Messiah and I should know, I've followed a few.

  2. It gets, stranger, more excentric, outlandish. I worry about the hint of blasphemy, impiousness, sacrilegiousness but I am still attracted, drawn, allured by this meandering, convoluted, twisting (and twisted) tale.

  3. Very strange old chum. It Reminds me of the bondage drawings you did for Ecstacy.

  4. A remarkable tale of love and loss. Poor Flavious.

  5. Beautiful!! Both the story and the drawings. You are great, A!

  6. Ian Maclachlan Posted on Facebook:

    Posted at 4.30? Wow, that's dedication.

  7. Martin A W Holmes commented Facebook:

    Martin wrote "Listen to them: the bloggers of the night. What sweet music they make."