Monday, 27 September 2010

Spiders in the bath...

Seven. Yes, seven!

Far too many to pick up and hold in my hand, so instead I scooped them into a plastic glass turning it upside down onto a saucer.

Seven soft grey brown bodies, fourteen staring black stalk eyes, fifty–six legs, and two hundred and twenty-four joints in those legs; tumbling over one another in a pointless attempt to escape.

Spiders. The clean kind, the ones that come in from the outside and wait in the bath for us to arrive, creeping up the pipes and out of the plughole.

Why do they do it?

After photographing them I set them free outside. But they’ll be back.

I wonder how many we’ll find next week.


  1. i now feel really sick. gross. i'd have squashed em all - they're HUGE!!!!!!

    PS Not coming to Wales ever again for fear of being eaten xxxx

  2. Spiders have never worried me.Lovely clean useful creatures. Think you all need a dose of watching the children's animated film called" Spider" or Spider in the | tube it you may be converted.

  3. I have a pet spider, Freddie, who lives in my fireplace.

  4. I have a spider living in my shoe, not the ones I am wearing but a pair in the porch. I haven't worn them in a while as I haven't the heart to evict him (I think its a him as I don't think a female would live in one of my shoes, although maybe it's an excellent source of flies)

  5. Floramcdora RT'ed me and tweeted:

    Oh no! @andrewheight has sent me this HORRIBLE spider blog post. How could you?!