Thursday, 9 September 2010

The Monkey Juggler

The Monkey Juggler

He juggled with monkeys

With primates did he

With Baboons and Howlers

And a small Chimpanzee

He juggled them all

For his public to see.

And that was his job

Skilled activity

He flung them

He threw them

Somersaulting them high

He twirled them

He tossed them

See simians fly

But he’d always catch them

Seemed not even to try

With a wave and a bow

To his audience cry

He juggled with monkeys

With a young Capuchin

With Rhesus and Rolaway

And a red Tamarin

Then one day he dropped one

And then he dropped two

His juggling had faltered

The audience boo

He fumbled them

He missed them

It all went awry

He slipped them

He dropped them

What did it imply?

He just couldn’t catch them

Nor gravity defy

Some fell, some just bounced

And a few of them died

They took all his monkeys

The Spider, the Blue

His Mandrill, his Saki

Away to a zoo

So he left the circus

His purpose departed

A past monkey juggler

Empty, bleak, broken hearted.

Now if you juggle with monkeys

They will juggle with you

And it’s best not to trust them

They seldom speak true

Just keep them spinning and turning

Let them never catch breath

And if you should drop one

Ensure it’s to death


  1. Tank - you haven't lost your passioin for truth. I still don't quite understand your messages but they are deep. You always were an odd cove but as my boy says respect.

  2. Tricia Kitt commented on Facebook:

    Tricia wrote
    "a tad unkind, perhaps - what's wrong with balls??"

  3. Alan Spence e-mailed:

    'Brilliant' you should produce a book of your pictures or at least get them framed up and on show some where.
    I am sure there must be interest out there for your work and your amazing insight in to the human condition.

    Thanks Alan

  4. Perhaps the monkey juggler's skills are still as strong as ever. Maybe it is the monkeys that have changed. The juggler can turn his hand to other acts in the circus.

  5. :) Beautiful monkey juggler...drawing!