Thursday, 16 September 2010

Head stuff…

Empty headed, head full of nothing, airhead – is that daylight I can see between your ears?

Saying these things to anybody is considered insulting - but what’s so wrong about having nothing on your mind, and what’s so good about having a head full of stuff?

Sometimes my head’s so full of stuff I can’t think, yet I constantly fill it full of new stuff – TV stuff, blogging stuff, radio stuff, paper stuff, media stuff, internet stuff, networking stuff, telephone stuff. It’s so easy to get stuff these days, to fill yourself up - and why wouldn’t I? How couldn’t I?

I love being able to instantly Google something I’m finding interesting to find out even more, watch a favourite TV clip instantly on Youtube, or listen to a piece of music or buy it immediately after hearing in on the radio. Sometimes I take of that stuff and tweet, blog, Facebook it. Of course, all I’m really doing is filling my head with more stuff, making my head fuller and fuller, and sometimes with that fullness comes confusion - chaos even.

Some people spend years emptying their minds, getting rid of the chaos, meditating, looking for a state of nothingness, removing the confusion, seeking Nirvana. I don’t think I want that but I probably need to simplify, not let my head get too full, try and leave some room for me.

Perhaps blogging is my attempt to get some of that stuff out and put it somewhere else, or perhaps it’s just the opposite – more stuff to fill my head up with. Maybe I should stop. But then what would I do with all the emptiness? If my head wasn’t so full I might have to face up to me and all that might mean.

There are times when I do almost give up. Times that I have to remind myself that this bloody blog is about me - it’s all about me.

Hey, who am I kidding? I can’t even work out who ‘me’ is.


  1. Don't worry Andy. It's better to have a head full of stuff than be full of s**t, like a lot of other people.

  2. Flora McDora tweeted:

    wonderful post on head full of digital stuff. Great that there is no reception on the lyn - downtime is VITAL