Sunday, 12 September 2010

Early autumn birds...

The birds visited the new feeders by the caravan over the weekend, a sure sign that autumn is on the way. Throughout the summer the birds haven't really bothered with the fat balls and peanuts we leave out, but now they're back feeding.

Coal tits, great and blue tits, some finches - all coming to the feeders when they thought that I wasn't there, flying off the moment that they realised I was.

The wind was in the trees last night, blowing unwanted thoughts into my already full head. On a whim I slept in the old six berth static caravan under the trees. It reminded me of the nights I used to camp in the back garden when I was a child. It wasn't quite the same - the caravan has electricity, gas and is all plumbed in, but the wind still whistles around it.

Birds woke me early, pitter-pattering on the metal roof. There are greater spotted woodpeckers woodpeckers in the trees above, I heard them peck-peck-pecking away. I haven't seen one properly, just a flash of red, white, and black for an instant out of the corner of my eye.

Maybe if I'm patient one might visit the peanut feeder.


  1. Colin Tickle commented on Facebook:

    I didn't know you had a caravan?

  2. Carl Smith commented on Facebook:

    caravans are wonderful things-i love mine