Thursday, 30 September 2010

My name is Andrew...

My name is Andrew and I am a serial doodler.

I’ve always doodled. I’m a fully paid up member of doodlers anonymous. I’ve doodled my way through geography, French, life class, typo design, time management, honeymoons, my daughter’s birth, project board, a keynote speech or two - I’ll probably still be doodling as I doodle my last doo.

Sometimes I doodle on paper (I dread to think the masterpieces I’ve left behind in meeting rooms over the years – not), other times in one of my doodle books. Most of my doodles have unconscious starts, a squiggle, a series of lines, and then I begin to see something and it becomes something more as I embellish. Other times, it remains unconscious to the finish, a moving of the pen on the page thing.

When I’m doodling I usually produce lots of smaller images on the page, sometimes there’s a connection between some of them, most times not. I have no idea what I’m going to doodle when I start, often I still don’t know when I’ve finished, some doodles I don’t even remember doodling.

This is a page out of one of my books.

a. A line of Breugel type creatures.

b. A biblical tree (I must have been to church).

c. My idea of the goddess Kali Crumpet.

d. Some animals in an Aborigine stylee.

e. Mr. Smudge as a young man working for the East India Company surrounded by some fruit, a bird, and a funny long-nosed animal (Smudge's first appearance in my life).

I don’t remember drawing the fruit or the bird, or where I was; probably on some teleconference to somewhere or other, listening to people talk about things even stranger and more inconsequential than these doodles.

Hope you like them. If you do I have others, so let me know.


  1. You were always doofleing at school. Old Benners was forever throwing the bord rubber at you.

  2. Zee Taylor commented on Facebook:

    I like that Andy, do you doodle on the loo, too?

  3. Malcolm Chorley commented:

    Like the latest doodle blog

  4. You've just got to figure out a way to make money from your many talents. Just enough to live on- not enough to corrupt you.

  5. Phil Morgan commented on Facebook:

    Amazing line drawings Andy, I heart them much.

  6. you are very clever man - there is a career waiting for you out there. good luck.

  7. I like the kali doodle

  8. Keep doodling Andy.. as only the best will doodledo

  9. Do you remember the time Mrs Briars was talking to you in painting and she thought that you were ignoring her, but you weren't you were just so engrossed in your painting that you didn't hear her. It must have been fifty years ago now. I think the painting was of fish underwater, with a diver.

  10. Kali Crumpet has a very wicked smile on her face. Meeting her could be very armful... sorry.
    BTW Zee's comment has an appropriately musical ring too. Brought to mind 'Don't Mess With My Toot Toot' by Denise Lasalle.

  11. Those doodles are fantastic AKH, I so envy you your talents.