Sunday, 5 September 2010

Summer's end - campervan dreams

The summer has been full of VW campervans. They’ve been everywhere, on every roadside, at every corner, in every car park – yellow, powder blue, orange, cream, rusty, red, and pink. Every colour you can imagine and then some.

I’ve only recently got the campervan bug - it’s an age thing probably. With some middle age men it’s Harleys and sports cars, with me it seems to be campervans.

Sadly, I’ve taken to snapping pictures of other people’s campervans when I come across them – here’s one I bumped into in Criccieth car park, isn’t she a beauty. Sadly again, the closest I’ve come to owning one are my two small campervan snow globes.

Now that summer’s coming to a close I guess they’ll all soon disappear like swallows or summer bees to hide from the winter. First they will be lovingly waxed, polished, shined and chammied, then stored away in campervan hibernation to dream of next summer and the rising of the summer surf.

I have a campervan dream. I dream of buying my own and taking off - all brightly painted and fully kitted – I’d tour the UK for a year - snapping here, drawing there, blogging as I go. Town by town, a different town each day. ‘365 towns in 365 days - a campervan quest’. What a marvellous book it’d make.

What a lovely dream, one of many, I have lots more.

Time to stop dreaming though – time to shake up the snow in my snow globes and shake the summer away -- winter’s coming.


  1. We want flowers painted on our van when we get it. I should have been a teen in the 60s. I'd have made a great hippy. Unfortunately I was a teen in the 80s, which were as revolutionary as michael mcintyre and almost as bland.

  2. You'd have made a good hippy. Start a movement.

    My campervan would have a line of dark blue toothy fish painted along the driver's side and a stainless steel surf board carrier on the roof - don't know about the surf board though.

    Actually I wouldn't care what colour it was just as long as it felt safe and warm when the cold wind blew.

  3. Colin Tickle e-mailed:

    We looked at them when we were doing the debate between camper/motorhome/caravan. A bit too small for 2 adults, a kid and 2 big dogs but I love them... maybe when we have kicked George out we'll buy one ;o)
    Next best thing... hire one

  4. buy one man. Take off and live the dream.

  5. I think they are secretly reproducing. I never used to see hardly any and now they are everywhere... There are 3 in our road alone (my fave is the orange & white one across the road with orange flowery curtains).

  6. I think that you may be right - there are definitely more this year than in other years.

  7. Alan Shorrock commented on Facebook:

    Alan wrote
    "So poetic Mr Height... You make logging on the internet a truly mystical experience. Go ahead and write that book... It'd be a number one best seller. "

  8. Glynne Kirkham e-mailed:
    Try one of these, and you can turn your own car into a camper van.  Roof-rack tents, they're the future!

  9. One passed me on the road yesterday. It had a very satisfying chug.

  10. Great thoughts you got there, believe I may possibly try just some of it throughout my daily life.