Thursday, 5 January 2017

The trouble with turmeric tea...

Well the New Year has made me determined to try and eat a little more healthily. So I got up this morning and dutifully prepared a cup of turmeric tea, my latest fad after hearing all about the benefits of turmeric on Jeremy Vine. It consists of boiling water, a teaspoon of turmeric powder (which is a lot), lemon juice, honey and a very strong will to get it down your throat. It doesn’t taste too bad, but it isn’t a nice morning Merlot either and I really need to add black pepper to get the full benefit of the magic. Adding pepper increases the power of the turmeric a hundred-fold apparently, but black pepper with honey and lemon first thing in the morning - surely the turmeric is enough of a punishment for my previous excess of excessiveness?

Maybe next week.

I prepared a breakfast of fresh fruit (2 types of melon, fresh pineapple and grapes - in solid form for once), porridge, tea, and waited for MCW to put in an appearance. How pleased she would be to find breakfast on the table awaiting her, I could hardly wait. Well, the porridge was too thick and hot (so sorry that I boiled the milk), the fruit too cold (well, it did come out of the fridge) and the tea just a little too milky. I blame the bloody cows for that. How dare they make MCW’s milk so milky? Besides she didn’t ask for it anyway and toast would have been better as long as I didn't over-brown or over-butter it.

As I whispered small terms of secret endearment about her whilst washing up the breakfast things, a startling and radical thought occurred to me. Maybe I should leave her to get her own bloody breakfast. At least that way she would get something she could bloody well eat without bloody moaning.

Yes, MCW isn't really a morning person.

Perhaps I should make her a nice cup of turmeric tea instead.

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