Sunday, 15 January 2017

The big picture...

MCW tells me that I have a lot to say about everything but that most of it is rubbish. She’s probably right. I do have a lot to say. But that’s because I spend a lot of my time thinking about the big things rather than those annoying day-to-day things like feeding the cat or what we need to buy from the shops.

In our house I’m in charge of world peace, philosophy, time travel, matters concerning the size and shape of the universe and other equally pressing and grand matters. MCW on the other hand focusses on the less difficult inconsequential things including the cooking, keeping on top of household affairs, my ironing and those little jobs that need doing around the house using the very nice tool kit I bought her for Christmas. It’s not that I’m not willing to change a plug or put a new bulb in the lamp but I have Trump to worry about and let’s face it Theresa isn’t going to sort out Brexit all by herself.

Yes, I’m a big picture, helicopter view, blue sky thinking kind of husband and she should count herself lucky to have me.

It’s so unfair of her to call me a ‘lazy -------’ - you can insert your own expletive here as she’s (very unfairly) used them all at one time or another to describe me. After all someone has to have their mind on weightier matters and at the same time keep tabs on what’s on the television later.

Of course I do take time out to relax; as they say ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ and I certainly don’t want to be dull or even called Jack, mainly because that is not my name and it would probably confuse me. Yes, I always try to make time to watch the soaps (well not Eastenders obviously) but some of the others and also the late afternoon quiz shows after a long and hard days thinking. As I say to MCW, it keeps my mind blade sharp and it’s good to be in touch with the concerns of ordinary people like her.

As I’ve frequently explained: it may look like I’m playing games on my phone whilst she’s cooking the breakfast, but in reality I’m keeping my mind alert so that when she has a concern about quantum physics or even the impact of externalism on twentieth century attitudes I’m always at the ready to help her. Sometimes - after I’ve backed away and persuaded her to put down the bread knife - she seems to understand this but even so I sometimes wonder is she sees the sacrifices I am making on her behalf or even the value of my important work.

You know, sometimes I think she doesn’t understand me at all.

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