Monday, 16 January 2017

Can't wait...

I’m already kidding myself that I can feel spring just around the corner, looking out at my backyard and calculating how long it will take to get it tidied and ready. Of course the promises I made to myself to keep it clear before the winter set in are broken yet again and everything remains in the ruins of what I call the dying days of the autumn.

I can’t wait for the growing days to come around again. I can’t wait for the early morning coffee in the yard surrounded by the buzzing of bees. I can’t wait for that feeling of peace as a cloud chases the sun making me squint. I can’t wait for the swifts to chase their squeaks high above my head. I can’t wait for the ladybirds to return. I can’t wait for my flowers to bloom and the smell of their perfume.

Anyway, I reckon about a day - two tops - tidying and clearing should do it. It’s not too bad. A bit of cutting back, some pulling of past-their-best-plants, a sweep and a scrape, and then off we go again. I have no plans to do anything much different this time around, I was generally happy with last year, but who knows? Each year is different and full of surprises.

I can’t wait for the order. I can’t wait for splash of the fountain in the pond. I can’t wait for the first quiet glass of evening wine. I can’t wait for the soft breeze in leaves. I can’t wait to sit in my hidden corner on my broken chair and smile.

In a couple of weeks I’ll be sowing my sweet peas. I missed the October sowing and I don’t want to sow outside too early. After saying that it’s so warm I might get away with it. But I’ll start them off indoors as I usually do. From there who knows? I have a mind to sow some scabious and I really did like the impatiens last year, and then, and then, and then...

Here he comes, that gardening bug again. Get a bloody move on, I can’t wait. 

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