Monday, 9 January 2017

I need a change...

I need a change

Here are some things I really don’t like:
That bloke on his bike who runs the red light.
The woman who packs before paying in queue.
Owners who ignore their own dog’s poo.
Kids who run out of control in shops.
People who for no reason call cops.
Drivers who drive up my arse too close.
Spitting on the pavement, it’s really gross.

How lucky I am that it isn’t hunger.
The smell of death all around hanging over.
Bombs and bullets and landmines and gas,
No worry my next breath might be my last.
How fortunate for me I can say what I think,
That I have a glass of clean water to drink,
That I sleep in a bed and not on the street,
Don’t have to worry about getting beat.

Maybe I should count my blessings, not wrongs,
Perhaps let things go and just get along.
Stop being annoyed just because I can,
Make an effort to be a more understanding man.
But it’s hard when you ‘have’ to think ‘have not’,
And familiarity makes you forget what you’ve got.
But I can try a bit harder of that I’m sure
Because none of us know what fate has in store.

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