Sunday, 8 January 2017

Playing guitar...

The greyness continues.

I suppose I should spend the day playing guitar to lift my sprits but sadly I don’t play and I don’t even have a guitar. There are guitars in the house of course, electric and acoustic, but they belong to MLD. Not that she plays either, despite all those lessons. There’s also a full electronic keyboard that nobody plays and probably a harp hiding somewhere.

Ah, music - what would life be without it?

It would have been Bowie’s seventieth birthday today. As a teenager in the seventies Bowie had a huge influence on me. He taught me how to rebel, that it was okay to be different, that things aren’t always as you are told, and that words don’t necessarily need to make sense to make sense. He taught me that even a boy from a small market town in Oxfordshire could have ideas far too large to realise and that questioning everything didn’t mean that you were being difficult.

Of course there was a lot of music around at the time, glam rock was in its heyday, but Bowie was a lot more than music – he was a lifestyle choice. How impressionable and open I was back then - thank God. I had no idea what I was going to do with my life, but I found out soon enough and Bowie was around whilst I did it.

Unlike Ziggy, I’ll probably never play guitar. But there’s a bit of him in me anyway.

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