Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Haggis Night...

Haggis Night

Neeps and tatties and Cullen skink,
Read me an ode and pour me a drink.
A whisky or two?
Don’t mind if I do.
A toast to the haggis?
Well, if I can catch it.
Here’s to the finest of Scottish bards,
Verse by the Scotland pound,
But not by the Yard.
Slainte and Hoots mon,
And lang may yer lum reek,
Numpty Donald, where’s your troosers?
On this braw, bricht, moonlight nicht.
A sporran, a dirk, a wee Tam o’Shanter.
May your porridge not cool nor kilt fail out of kilter.
I’ll fling, I’ll reel, Gay Gordon ensues.
I'll hang on to my sporran,
Get thistle tattoos.
Aye, tis Rabbie Burns night.
Shout, och aye the noooooo!

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