Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Advent Calendar 9 - Going crackers...

It was only thirty hours or so, but it was enough to almost drive me crackers. I felt lost, unfulfilled, without purpose, adrift on a sea of empty loneliness. What am I talking about? The loss of a loved one? A break up in my life? A call from the doctor informing me that I had only days left to live?

No, it was worse than any of those things. For almost a day and a half my internet has been down!

The phone was buggered too, but that hardly mattered. Who uses a land-line these days anyway? But the internet? Access to the world of online shopping, banking, gaming, friending - now that was quite a different matter. It felt like that time my XR3i wouldn't start. I might as well have had my bollocks drop off that day.

Fortunately I don't really need my bollocks these days, and of course I still had some access to the web via my phone. But there's nothing quite like a keyboard to get a man all riled up, and when it comes to blogging, well, the phone just doesn't do it for me.

Those thirty hours dragged and I suddenly realised just how much I've come to depend on the internet for so many things. How did I ever exist without it?

And thinking about it, I really can't remember.


  1. Holds hand up as a landline user...

    Just sayin' :-)

    1. I just use it to slam the phone down. It doesn't work with the mobile.

  2. Sharon Taylor on FB
    I know the feeling, when we moved we didn't have it for several days, lost !!!

    1. Andrew Height
      So hard to believe that there was a world without it. How did I ever get anything done before the www?

    2. Sharon Taylor
      it took more time and the effort of either going somewhere like the bank or shops and you even had to get a book out to look something up. Personally I think used in the right way the intergoogle thingy is a good tool!

    3. Andrew Height Yrs Sharon, l love the ode of pre-online,

      Andrew Height But maybe not the reality.

      Andrew Height I will try that again. Love the idea of pre-online, but not the reality.