Saturday, 13 December 2014

Advent calendar 12 - Choooo-choooooo!

It’s a complex and complicated time of year. So much to do, the clocks ticking and Christmas rushing towards me like a steam train all belly full of fire. How will I ever be ready? How will I not let people down? 

Yes, it’s a complicated time and to cap it all less than two weeks before the big day my wife Gaynor goes and has her birthday.

Every year this happens, as if buying Christmas presents wasn’t enough, and this year it’s even more high profile as it is a big birthday, a very big birthday. Not that you would know looking at her.

I think it’s fair that I sometimes get mistaken by people who don’t know us for Gaynor’s father; bloody annoying but understandable. She has weathered our lives well, while I on the other hand…

Yes, it's a big one and I am staggered and pleased to say that we have been together for more than half of those years; amazing, given that we are both more than a little nuts. Anyway: Happy Birthday to my long suffering wife. I am a lucky man I think.



  1. I'd be interested to hear what your definition of "big" is given that I tend find all birthdays to be virtually inconsequential...

    1. Count the stars on my kitchen table Martin and multiply by ten. I can't believe that the young thing I married has reached such an age, but she has and she really is looking rather good on it.

    2. Ah, fair enough... Problem is that I always try to ignore my own, so it still comes as some surprise when other people, well, don't...

  2. As an old curmudgeon, I too ignore my own birthday. In fact I play down pretty much everything that other, more in touch with their happy feelings, people might celebrate. well, it's my choice and about me (as is everything). I have however recently begun to recognise that making people feel good and happy is a very satisfying thing to do. I've even started to sing songs from Frozen!

    1. I don't know what these "songs from Frozen" are... (apparently luckily...)

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    Lindsey Messenger
    Happy Birthday wishes to Gaynor

    Maxine Noble
    Never met Gaynor, but you are deffinately more than "a little" nuts - your "Hale Old Skool" x lol

    Clare Pritchard Happy
    Birthday Gaynor!!! XXX

    Kathryn Salthouse
    Happy Birthday Gaynor! Enjoy your meal out tonight x

    Lynda Henderson
    Conway Twitty! Love it. Happy Birthday do your lovely Gaynor

    Mick Norman
    Lynda, the whole essence of your message was altered, rather substantially, by simply changing one key letter! Lol

    Lynda Henderson
    lol I love typos that work in my favour!

    Tim Preston
    many happy returns of the day gaynor x

    Sandra Bouguerch
    happy birthday Gaynor x

    Vicky Brickhill
    Happy 30th Birthday to Gaynor ..... Xx

    Jayne Butterworth
    Happy birthday to andrews lovely wife gaynor. Hope u had a fab day and hope andrew spoilt u rotten. Love the nutty buttys on their jollies in the pub in norfolk. Cheers gaynor. Xxx

    Vicky Sutcliffe
    Happy birthday G! Xx

    Andrew Height
    Thanks everyone. i hope that i gave Gaynor the day she deserves. She isn't a Facebooker so between you and I... I love her and she's really special even though she is without doubt totally bonkers.

    Annette Jones
    She is so lucky with your wonderful words!!! Lucky Gaynor and Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! xxx

    Laura Keegan
    Ah such nice things to say, Happy birthday Gaynor x