Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas Day 2014...

Each year Holly and I squeeze into a supermarket photo booth and make a Christmas photo for Gaynor - Holly's mum and my wife.

Years ago it was easy, years ago there was Woolworth's and their booths were pretty big. Mind you, Holly was much smaller then and so was I. We've been doing this since Holly was two, but these days we really struggle to fit into the booth. Either the booths are smaller or we have grown, although I think it a combination of the two.

It has become a tradition, like ringing the silver bells became a tradition today. Sometimes we get funny looks as we don our Christmas attire, and the sight of a really fat bloke and a tall stick of a young woman emerging from behind that little grey curtain has at times led to a few puzzled faces.

We have all sorts of photographic quality and we've taken them in all sorts of booths. It can be very hit and miss. It's worth it though and I really like this one. We look happy, don't we.

Yes, what a record we all have of Holly and I at Christmas - and why not?

Yes, why not?

Happy Christmas Day everybody. I hope it is a happy one for you.


  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours Andy. I'll come and see you in your new shop and we can toast the New Year.

    1. Merry Christmas old friend. Yes, lets.

  2. Jayne Butterworth on FB
    Lovely jolly photo andrew and holly looks really gud. Great idea except everytime i pull paul into one he claims i cut him outta the shot. Yep that booth aint big enough for both of us! X

  3. 15 hours ago · Like

    Kevin Parrott on FB

    1. Andrew Height
      Well, Holly is Kevin.

  4. David Bell on FB
    Great thing to do