Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Off the booze...

I have just entered an alcohol free zone and I may be here for some time, five days at least.

Yes, at long last I’ve got round to visiting the dentist about my tooth and, on inspection, she told me that I have all the makings of a pretty little abscess under one of my top molars and that the infection had spread to my gums which was why I was in pain.

Now this wasn’t exactly a revelation, I’ve had these things before – twice, but I managed to avoid retorting ‘no shit Sherlock.’ Well, she did have a stainless steel pointy prodder thing in her hand and my tooth was only millimetre or two, and a quick poke away, had she decided to take offence.

Apparently I had two choices: she could remove the tooth or treat it with antibiotics, although (and here’s the disclaimer, yes, always read the small print) there were no ‘guarantees’ that the tooth wouldn’t need to come out eventually.

Again I was tempted to mention Mr Holmes, but she still held the prodder in her hand, so once again I thought better of it, bit my tongue, and elected for antibiotics.

She broke the news as she was writing the prescription (by hand, no system print-out nonsense for her); I must avoid alcohol for at least five days.

I asked her to define what she meant by avoid and alcohol. Surely not wine?
Yes, she meant wine.
That too.
How about cider, one that was below 5%?
Yes, cider as well.
Weak shandy?
She just looked.
No alcohol at all then?
She nodded sagely.

For a moment I considered asking her to get out her pliers and pull the tooth instead. Five days without a drop of alcohol? It simply wasn’t possible. Five days? That was almost a whole week!

I lay there in the chair. What was I to do? Surely I could go five days without a drink. I can’t remember the last time that happened (actually I can’t remember the last time I went 24 hours), but five days wasn’t so long… was it?

Anyway, this is day 1.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


  1. So... lots of calm, sober reflection coming our way then...?

  2. Mark McNicholas on FB
    Oh dear !!

  3. Lorna Gleadell on FB
    Guess you're not coming up here this weekend !!

    1. Andrew Height on FB
      Was going to, but have made it next weekend instead.

  4. Laura Keegan on FB
    Try it, apparently they make you so sick you won't want to drink again

  5. Andrew Height
    Laura, using some of my hypnotherapy on myself and it seems to be working great.

  6. Robert Mills on FB
    At least your not Wine'ing about it

  7. Ian Maclachlan on FB
    A haze will lift and after a few days you will feel lucid and then comes the pleased with yourself bit... then you deserve a drink and then you fall back in to the glass

  8. Vicky Sutcliffe on FB
    Happened to me earlier this year..... They eventually removed the tooth!

  9. Andy Lloyd on fB
    Five days? No chance! Good luck anyway.

  10. Tim Preston on FB
    Cant you just drink alcohol instead of pain killers. Thats what I did when I had my vasectomy

    1. Andrew Height
      This is antibiotics - the one you really CAN''T drink with.

  11. Laura Keegan on FB
    Uh oh! Can you have night nurse? Haha x

    1. Andrew Height
      I will see if I can find one Laura Keegan

  12. Peter Burns on FB
    Just make up for it when you are pain free - hope it eases soon.

  13. Laura Keegan on FB
    Harhar get well soon x

  14. Andrew Height
    That is the plan Peter Burns

  15. Jayne Butterworth on FB
    C mon everyone non alcohol wk in sympathy with andrew? Lol ha ha!

  16. Sharon Hutt on FB
    I had those for my wisdom teeth infection.

  17. Tim Preston on FB
    Well done that man there!

    1. Andrew Height
      and there was me thinking I was a Peter Barlow

  18. Tim Preston on FB
    You've made me wonder if I could come off the devil's urine. Weekend could be a challenge

  19. Malcolm Chorley on FB
    In fairness to equality I have had your share

  20. Ian Maclachlan on FB
    I think most of us choose to drink a lot, we don't need to drink a lot but when we drink a lot without a break we become insecure about it being a choice. I think...

  21. Andrew Height on FB
    Good points Ian. Good pints Malc.

  22. Andrew Height

    I have just taken my last 'no alcohol' antibiotic tablet. Five days without even a wine gum, no problems.
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    Emma Cholmondeley You are cured!!!!

    Mark McNicholas D.T's ?

    Andrew Height The demon drink shall never pass my lips again. At least not until this evening!

    Andy Lloyd Well done. Sorry I ever doubted you. Hope tooth is better.

    Andrew Height Tooth iffy still. I think I may have a couple of days each week without drinking. I quite like anticipation.