Wednesday, 18 June 2014

1601, Yell, hibu, and video recorder death...

Today is one of those days when I’m at a complete loss to know what to write about. It’s not really surprising as this is my sixteen hundred and first post. Don’t worry; I’m not going to bore you with word counts again, but it is getting pretty difficult to find something new to relate.

I guess this is just another slow news day on What a Wonderful Life; no new 70’s celebrities have been accused of salaciousness or impropriety, the garden continues to grow at its own speed, the weather is unremarkable, and, whilst there is plenty of news going on in the world, the thing that keeps popping into my head is that hibu has changed its name back to Yell. No surprise there really, but not really enough to make much of a difference to this once great company. Oh to be a visualiser in those heady, early days once more. If only I could remember every moment and every prank.

Sometimes I think that my head is as full of holes as hibu’s business plan must be. There has to be more inside it than I’ve told you already, and all I can think is that much of its contents are slipping away into nothing. I wonder if, as I gasp my last breath, it’ll all come flooding back? Every moment of my life presented to me in an instant like my old 80’s video recorder (a VCR that cost a months wages and weighed a couple of stone) on an incredibly fast forward.

First gasp to last gasp in a second or two.

I wonder what I’ll think of it when I see it all lumped together in an Eamonn Andrews moment?

Not a lot Eric?

See, I told you I had no idea what to write about today and whenever that happens the oddest thoughts pop out of my pen… which is actually a keyboard, but you get my drift.

And with that I’ll drift off for another day.


  1. Kathryn Salthouse
    Mmm told you so springs to mind lol

    Andrew Height
    I wish I had been in the meeting when they convinced themselves that , although they had been right to change to hibu, Yell was what the know-nothing public knew and understood. W@nker$

    Mel Mackuin
    Key words are 'once great company'. Presumably, it cost a little less this time to decide a new name!!!!

    Maureen Dalliday
    It would be great if we could all go back and show them how to do the directory as it was when we started all those years ago !!

    Andrew Height
    Yes, all those Years ago Maureen Dalliday

    Emma Cole
    Well this is the first I've heard anything about changing the name back, but I only work there !

  2. Kieran Goodwin
    Amazing just how stupid people are, reminds me of consignia

    Mick Norman
    I'm not actually sure that this is really 'news'? There was never going to be a rebrand of the printed product to hibu in the first place so I don't actually see what has changed?

    Linda Kemp
    uk were branding proofs as hibu, now they've gone back to yell

    Andrew Height
    Yes, it was a name change that backfired badly. No getting away from that no matter how it is dressed up. Dropping one of the top 10 most well known brands in the UK for a very silly word, and then about turning, might not be news but it is incompetent.

  3. Steve Bishop on FB
    They changed to HIBU ??? when was that then? Did they let the public know ??

  4. Someone I know who runs a small local business and who had a call from hibu telesales recently said to me, "hey, you used to work for Yellow Pages didn't you? They've been taken over by someone called hibu. How the mighty have fallen".

  5. Yes, how have the mighty fallen Mr Lloyd.