Friday, 15 April 2016

Keep on dancing…

Yes, Whisky, Tango, Foxtrot. WTF? WTF? What the fuck?

I don’t dance any more although I use to love it. I didn’t do the Tango (not even in Paris) or the Foxtrot (I left that to early Genesis, the group not the biblical stuff) but the Whisky I can understand. These days the whisky, or similar liquids, are keeping me afloat in a world of situations where Whisky, Tango, Foxtrot has become my default response.

Of course when I did dance it was disco and I was okay at it (sweaty, but okay) even managing a spin or two and winning a few T shirts along the way. These days I still do the same moves (on my own in front of the television) but sadly it looks and feels like ‘Dad Dancing’ and I don’t dare to try a back-flip.

Anyway – What the Fuck? What the Fuck indeed.

As I get increasingly older (I’m not far off my sixtieth year) my attitude becomes increasingly WTF. I’m all about dismissing the small stuff so that I can concentrate on the big stuff. The big stuff is hard to scream WTF at but I give it a good go and usually manage it. Anyway what else is to be done?

I think that I'll just keep on drinking and dancing - WTF!


  1. Anne Donaldson on FB
    I'm older than you Andrew Height but as time goes on I am beginning to be one of those WTF people who just says what they think and to hell with anyone else. It's an age thing definitely

  2. Anne Donaldson on FB
    What's the phrase about life wasted youth lol???