Saturday, 2 April 2016

Bicycle to Blackpool...

Joan used to cycle to Blackpool and back in a day in the summer. A round trip of over 100 miles, leaving at dawn and getting back in the dark on the bike she bought with a tenner she borrowed from her dad. She paid it back at a two shillings a week and he wrote it in his book until it was paid. She was fifteen or so, it was 1945, it was her first job and she got paid eight bob a week (which was less than fifty pence) and her dad took half of it even before she'd paid her bike debt.

She was really proud of her bike, she'd worked hard for it. Sometimes it was just Southport that she cycled to and sometimes she'd stay in a youth hostel overnight, but just how she managed to cycle that far in a day is beyond my understanding.

Just goes to show.

Bicycle to Blackpool.

Is that where you are
Pedalling away,
Or are you riding
To Southport today?
Seventeen on your ten guinea bike,
Borrowed money, but you can go where you like.

To the tower and back
On a sunny Sunday,
Back then you had fun
And forgot about Monday.
An ice cream and a stroll on the prom,
Then back on your bike to where you came from.

I’m sure as I look
I can see you peddling,
And it’s not far now
So please stop trembling.
I don’t want to watch as you ride away,
But wherever you’re going it’s a summer's day.

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  1. Andy B D Bickerdike
    Wonder if she ever met my grandpa, he used to cycle that far too.

    Sue Mcnally
    That's some bike ride up and down all the way flippin eck

    Lorna Gleadell

    Steph Rogers
    Omg! That's some bike ride!! How is ur mother in law now? Hope she's getting better? Did you get that link I tagged you in?

    Andrew Height
    Sadly not Steph and we are just waiting for her to pass.

    Lindsey Messenger
    Oh I am so sorry, my heart goes out to you all....

    Steph Rogers
    Oh I'm so sorry to read this, really sad, what an awful time for you all

    Andrew Height
    Yes, we are finding it really hard.

    Steph Rogers
    I can well imagine, thoughts are with you all

    Catherine Halls-Jukes
    Lovely ,as always my thoughts are with you x

    Gloria Brown
    Wow, what an incredible lady, peddling all that way!! x

    Steve Bishop
    so sorry to hear that your mum in law hasn't improved Andrew. Thoughts go out to you and Gaynor.

    Andrew Height
    Thanks Steve. Unexpectedly I am going to miss the old trout so much.

    Ian Maclachlan
    Sorry to hear what you and the family are going through.

    Shirley Niknejad
    Thinking of you all Andrew xx

    Maureen Dalliday
    Thinking of you and very sorry that you are going through this at the moment. Xx

    Carmel Payne
    Sorry to hear this news Andy.

    Emma Cole
    I bet Joan has lots of amazing stories to tell. I'm so sorry to hear she hasn't improved, my thoughts are with you all xx

    Kathryn Taylor Salthouse
    So Sorry to hear this Andy thinking of you, Gaynor and Holly X

    Cath Dalton
    Hi Andrew sorry to hear this awful news about your MIL it must be so very stressful . I hope she is being looked after really well . Love to you all Cath and Lee xxx

    Sandra Bouguerch
    Difficult and sad time Andy x

    Peter Burns
    Really sorry to hear your bad news. My thoughts with you all.

    Andrew Height
    A miracle might happen Pete, but I doubt it.

    Peter Burns
    Well I'll keep my fingers crossed for said miracle.